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Cross Word Puzzles

1. Animals that eat plants as their primary food source are known as ______
5. The Largest animal ever to be on Earth
6. What chemical reaction that gives off light(and heat) requires fuel, oxygen,and heat
9. Scientist Jane Goodall studied these animals in the wild
11. Water becomes a solid when it ______
12. When something falls, scientists blame ____
13. Photosynthesis is when plants collect their energy from the ___
14. a form of distance used in space, Buzz ______ in toy story
2. Humans have 206 of them, paleontologists love finding them
3. The fastest moving planet, also the closest to the Sun
4. Famous for his physics equation E=MC²
7. An electrical discharge of energy in the atmosphere that can travel up to 130,000 MPH
8. The E in E=MC² stands for_____ it comes in many forms including heat, light, motion,electrical, chemical,nuclear and gravitational.
10. Solid, Liquid, and ____ are the three States of Matter.
13. The largest organ of the Human body


Word Search Puzzles 

CLLC Word Search #1 Sports Teams 



















































Can You find all of the Sports Teams?




CLLC Cryptogram #1 

Can You decode this secret message used in the Battle of Bunker Hill?



CLLC Maze #1

Can you Escape from the Middle?